Welcome and thank you for your interest in the 2018 Rich River Revival

This event was last run in 2008 so it is very apt it is revived after 10 years. It has been very challenging in organising this event due to changes in forest access as a result reclassification from state forest to national park as well as natural issues, primarily flooding. This has caused a few false starts previously but it is all good now. The event builds upon those successfully run in 2007 and 2008 by Steuart Snooks. Whilst the area is the same, the limitations and need to make it a unique event have resulted in a route that is challenging and not what it seems at first glance. For those that have competed in this area before, you have been warned. And for those that haven’t, you have also been warned.

Being completely at night, the event will start with a Tour section out of Cohuna and finish back at the Rally HQ, back in Cohuna. A chance for cars and crew to refuel and then back into the night for more driver oriented stages, starting and finishing back at Cohuna. There will also be some fantastic opportunities for spectators not too far from Rally HQ meaning that service crews will be able to head out to watch some of the action.

Cohuna water towerThe event is centred around the township of Cohuna at the Cohuna Recreation Reserve. This will be the location of Start/Finish, Servicing/Refuel and Rally HQ. This is very conveniently located directly across the road from the Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park. There is also a wealth of other local accommodation available either in Cohuna or just down the road in Echuca, Barham or Kerang. Come and make a weekend of it.

Finally, the Shire of Gannawarra have been incredibly supportive and provided a host of assistance culminating in the donation of a prize for 1st Outright.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this event and I look forward to seeing you out there.

Mike Foreshew