Are you able to read a map?  Or are you a slave to your satnav?

We are again running this popular event generally in the “Drains” country, using quiet bitumen and gravel roads.

Again the event headquarters are at the picnic area just off the Princes Highway near Gumbuya Park

The event is designed so that any family car can compete.  No special preparation is required other than a compass and some form of tripmeter (your cars standard unit will be acceptable).  Remember to bring a clip or mapboard and some pencils.

We do not want you to get lost or disorientated but rather miss the occasional via point without realizing it!

There are three Sections:

Section 1 – Very simple, designed to ease new competitors into touring assembly navigation

Section 2 – A little more challenging but still targeting novice competitors

Section 3 – The “Experts” section, a full on navigation exercise

The event is run in two categories, first is the Novice part which is Sections 1 and 2 combined and then the Experts Section. Experts are scored on all three sections.

Section 1 starts and finishes at the event headquarters.

Section 2 starts at the headquarters and finishes opposite the Bayles General Store. Food and drinks will be available.

From here you may return to the event headquarters or choose to compete in the Experts Section.

Section 3 starts from Bayles and finishes South of the Princes Highway with a generous 30 minutes to return to headquarters.  There is provision for refueling approximately 22km into Section 3.

Book in is from 9.00 am with a start time for the first car of 10.00am

Free tea, coffee and water are available from 9.00am at the event headquarters.

The first car is expected to arrive at the finish at 5.00 pm

See more information in the sidebar… “About the Down the Drain Touring Assembly” includes sample route instructions