Event POSTPONED, due to closed borders.

An event like the HRA “Western Tours” of the late 1990’s, the Cobb & Co Explorer, will be run in the Darling Downs region of southeast Queensland, sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Entrants will have a choice of two events: A Navigation Assembly with Rally
regulation sections and an untimed social tour.

Both will start and finish in Oakey on Saturday morning, August 29 and again on Sunday August 30.

Road Rally

The Road Rally will consist of competition in the form of Touring
Sections, which will be straightforward untimed map reading, possibly no
manned controls but simple questions and information boards to be recorded along the way.

The route follows the more minor roads as much as possible, not highways, and is very interesting and scenic.

In between the untimed road sections there will be timed Closed Road Sections (CRS) in various places. These will be Rally Regulation sections.

You don’t need a rally car, just a reliable road registered car and basic safety gear and basic neck to wrist to ankle coverage and a helmet for the Rally Regulation sections.

Social Tour

The Social tour is a non-competitive event over 800 km in the Darling Downs region. It will consist of straightforward untimed map reading sections.

You will need: A map board, a really cheap drawing set with a ruler, protractor, eraser, pencil sharpener, Possibly a magnetic compass, some 2B or 4B pencils and a couple of highlighters. These are good for drawing on maps. Electronic devices that are able to locate where you are in the world may not be used.

You don’t need a rally car, just a reliable road registered car.

More information…

Oakey is 154 km west of Brisbane.

For more details or to answer any questions, Email lauriegarth@internode.on.net or phone 0434 886 283