2022 George Woods Rally

Shane Walters and Brian Knights in the 2019 George Woods Rally

Thank you for taking an interest in the 2022 George Woods Rally.

This is the 42nd anniversary of the George Woods Rally. It was established in 1980 following George’s untimely death in 1979. Apart from two or three years where conditions conspired against us, it has run every year since.

The George Woods has always been designed to give an opportunity for club members to try rallying using either their road car or the car they use in other types of motorsport. In recent years, the Historic Rally Association introduced a category/class for Standard Cars. The Resto Country Spares Standard Car Class uses the George Woods and similar events. Many of these cars are showroom standard, using standard seats and seatbelts and without a roll cage. Others have changed or added these items so they can compete in a greater range of events.

2020 saw a significant change to the rules governing low level, introductory types of motorsport. This has meant a lot of behind the scenes work by both volunteer officials and Motorsport Australia staff to see events like the George Woods continue into the 2020s and beyond.

Understandably, Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) seeks to ensure the safety of all involved in the sport and have thus mandated the use of Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) devices for most events from 2020 on. This makes it difficult to allow potential new competitors a toe-in-the-water entry into an introductory event like the George Woods. Standard, unmodified, road cars would need considerable modification before FHR could be safely used.

After much discussion about how to mitigate the risks of allowing essentially unmodified road cars to participate in rallies, consensus has been reached. This requires the event to be designed to ensure that maximum speeds achieved by crews are actively controlled. Our event will be a Special Stage Rally Regularity. For this type of event (introduced for 2020), times allowed on competitive sections are limited to a maximum average of 70Km/h and crews must not exceed 110Km/h at any time. This minimises the risk, allowing a crew to experience a real rally without going to the expense of roll-cage, special seats, harnesses and FHR.

While careful selection of roads ensures a fun, competitive event can be run within these speed requirements, all competitors will be required to keep their speed below 110Km/h. The Rally Regularity regulations set severe penalties for exceeding the speed limit. Speeds will be monitored, and the relevant penalties applied.

The George Woods was the first Special Stage Rally Regularity event to be run; Motorsport Australia monitored it to ensure the new rules worked as intended. These Regularity events are now a well-established step on the rally ladder.

The 2022 event will follow a similar format to the 2020 and 2021 George Woods Rallies.

Supp Regs are available below. Please watch this page for more information.

Nick Wright
Assistant Clerk of Course
2022 George Woods Rally

Event Details

Saturday 26 February, 2022
Based at Powelltown Rec Reserve.


2022 George Woods Rally Supplementary Regulations (pdf)

Using Motorsport Australia Event Entry

These tips for using MAs Event Entry system from the George Woods Organising team:

  • Log In to Motorsport Australia with Username = Member ID (ie, your Licence No.)
  • Click on Event Entry (left side of screen)
  • Click on QUICK ENTER NOW if you have used this system before or MENU (top of screen) then
    • MY DETAILS—to enter/change personal details (should already be here)
    • MY CARS—to add a car or change details
    • MY CREW—to add a co-driver/navigator
  • Select Event from drop down list: February 2022\George Woods Rally 2022
  • Complete all details, pay entry fee and submit.

Shane Walters and Brian Knights in the 2019 George Woods Rally

Banner: Shane Walters and Brian Knights competing in the 2019 George Woods. Pic by Paul Mollison, B Team Rally Media.