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The intention of the class is to try and bring a cheaper form of rallying to the club. We all know that our competition costs are rising and we hope that we may attract members back into our fantastic sport.

SCC competitors parked at an Avalon autocross meeting
SCC competitors at an Avalon autocross

Standard Car Class Regulations

Standard Car Class Regulations are available for download from this page. The regulations include information on:

  1. Standard Car Class
  2. Standard Car Class Overview
  3. Series Registration
  4. Standard Car Class Vehicle Classes
  5. Standard Car Class Awards
  6. Standard Car Class Vehicle Modifications Permitted
  7. Standard Car Class Vehicle Log Cards

Resto Country Spares HRA Standard Car Class Regulations
December 2019 (pdf)

Series Registration or more information

Participants will need to register for the SCC series, via email to, with driver and car details.

Please contact Rob Cranston by email or 03 9563 0977 or 0414 560 688 if you have questions.

SCC cars at Avalon
SCC cars at Avalon