HRA News – Spring 2022


Experts Trial Re-visited Navigational Tour
Brian Ward reports…

Rally Round the Garage
Jeff Cameron reports on HRA’s Garage Tours

Bagshot Rallysprint

Carerra Panamericana
Ian Swan’s story about Ian and Val’s 2006 run in this amazing event.

HRA News – Spring 2022 (Vol 30, No 4)

HRA News – Winter 2022


Nightmoves, Marysville Stages & more

Seven Long Days to Go!
Gerry Bashford’s story from the 2022 Classic Outback Trial

Winning wasn’t meant to be easy!
Roger Bonhomme and Mike Mitchell on Nissan’s assault on the 1972 Southern Cross

Southern Cross Snakes & Ladders
David Bond and Ian Richards on their run in the 1972 Southern Cross

HRA News – Winter 2022 (Vol 30, No 3)

HRA News – Autumn 2022


George Woods, Ada River, COT…

Model Citizen
Collect rally cars without breaking the garage

Swan Hill Tour

Canoe Gets Life

HRA 30th Anniversary Dinner

HRA News – Autumn 2022 (Vol 30, No 2)

HRA News – Summer 2022


Boisdale Rallysprint, Down the Drains and more

Might Mouse to the Max
Max Engellenner’s Toyota Celica – the mouse that roared.

The B-Team on their A Game
John & Golly’s favourite photos from 2021

Around the World in 30,000 Kays
Part 2 of Bob Watson & Roger Bonhomme’s story on the 1977 Singapore Airlines Rally.

HRA News – Summer 2022 (Vol 30, No1)