There was a very successful association between Kyneton Holden Dealer Mollison Motors and Gil Davis, Matt Philip and some rapid Toranas in the early 1970’s. Who can forget the Pink XU-1 that Gil ran in 1972? Matt Philip and Roger Bonhomme were part of the Lee Brothers “Mollison Motors” team for 1972 as well. It was very successful, with Gil winning the VRC in 1972, Matt second in 1972 and 1973.

Well, some of this magic has be turned in to a private museum in Kyneton and the HRA are going to make a day (or a weekend) of it and inhale some of that special rally dust.

The trip to the Holden Museum at Metcalfe will be on Sunday the 3rd of February.

The museum is run by Jason Lee, son of John Lee, who with his brother David, ran Mollisons Motors in Kyneton. The museum contains a lot of interesting cars and items which came from Mollisons Motors.

Mollisons sponsored Matt Philip, Gil Davis and Roger Bonhomme in the 1970s and there is plenty of memorabilia and photos from those days, even Matt’s track racing Honda Civic. John Lee and Matt Philip will both be attending, so should be some great stories being told. Hopefully Roger will be available to attend, and any others from back in the day.

The Museum is located at 10 Malmsbury – Metcalfe road, close to the centre of town and things will kick off from 0900. Entrance $10 a head and includes Coffee, Tea and scones.

Lunch will be at the Redesdale Hotel from 1200. Does anyone want to return to Melbourne via a scenic route? If we have enough takers for that this can organised. Please email visit organiser, Graham Wallis, to let him know if you plan to attend the Museum visit  Lunch or Scenic Drive.

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Pic of Matt Phillip and Roger Bonhomme in the Mollisons Motors Torana.

Matt Phillip and Roger Bonhomme in the Mollisons Motors Torana. Pic from Matt Phillip’s book, “Motorsport My Way”.