After round 7 of the HRA Rally Championship

Below are the latest year-to-date 2022 HRA Championship Scores, dated 01 October, 2022.

These progress scores include 7 rounds, the most recent being the Valley Stages, held on 24 September. 2022.


The HRA Scorer has placed vehicles and crews in appropriate categories to the best of his ability. Some cars that appear to have been modified beyond H81/P81 are in the R25 category. Contact the Scorer if you believe his guesswork is not quite right.

Also, the scorer does not know members’ ages. If you are over 55, you qualify as a master. Please let the Scorer know.

Please review details and advise the Club Scorer ( if you have concerns or updates are needed..

HRA Championship Scores after 7 rounds, 01 October 2022 (pdf)

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Stuart Lawless / Darcy O’Connor, HRA Powerplay Rallysprint 2015. Pic by John Doutch.