Competition report at the October club meeting

For the benefit of those who were not able to attend, here are notes from Joel Wald's Competition report at the October HRA meeting, held on Wednesday 10 October. Classic Outback Trial An extraordinary event (and personally the most difficult event in which I have ever completed). Seven days of sand, surf and sun (minus … Continue reading Competition report at the October club meeting

Autocross Tour results available

Results for the Grand Autocross Tour are now available. Congratulations to all competitors, particularly to John Rawson and Jenny Pollock who won overall. Autocross Tour 2018 Provisional Results (pdf) Congratulations also to Graham Wallis and his team, who put on a very popular and successful event.  Summary results 15 John Rawson / Jenny Pollock Datsun Stanza … Continue reading Autocross Tour results available

Grand Autocross Tour information guide

Competitor information guide Grand Autocross Tour information guide is now available. Let me know if you need to know more about anything. One question I have received is do navigators need helmets, the answer is yes as we are running Closed Road Sections in the main and the navigator needs to be in the car. … Continue reading Grand Autocross Tour information guide