Repco Reliability Trial 40th anniversary – reunion lunch

August 1979 saw the running of the toughest of all the classic Round Australia Trials.

Automotive parts company Repco sponsored the event, named the Repco Reliability Trial. The event director, South Australian rally champion Stewart McLeod promised the most difficult round Australia event ever run, and he was true to his word. The trial covered 20,000 kms in two weeks, and of the original 187 crews who started, only thirteen completed the entire course. Continue reading Repco Reliability Trial 40th anniversary – reunion lunch

Victoria Cross Rally

The evening of 13th April will see the next running of the Victoria Cross Rally by the Historic Rally Association. A Special Stage Rally to be conducted over public and private roads within Mount Disappointment, the traditional home of the Victoria Cross Rally.

In the early 1980’s when today’s classic rally cars were nearly new, this event was a favourite. The April 13 event is the second ‘modern’ running of this much loved rally, in an area that rarely sees a rally car these days.

The Event will run in 2 Divisions with a service break between. Each Division will consist of 45km Competitive and 35km Transport. The start and finish is in Broadford and all competitive stages will be in the Mt Disappointment State Forest.

For the competition minded, it is FULLY ROUTE CHARTED over 10 STAGES, a total of 90km COMPETITIVE

The Event additionally offers the Standard Car Challenge Rally, for vehicles that meeting the Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge rules and it will be the same length as the special stage Victoria Cross Rally.

The rally is open to historic rally cars, production rally cars, classic rally cars, club rally cars, standard rally cars (as registered with the HRA Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge), R25 rally cars and any other rally car deemed by the Clerk of Course to be in the spirit of historic rallying. Entry is restricted to cars over 25 years old and excludes 4WD turbo cars.

As a closed to club event, Frontal head restraints are recommended but not compulsory.

You will be ‘disappointed’ if you miss this event in an area not often used now for special stage rallies!

  • Spectator instructions will be available here on April 11 and at the start.

Officials are requested to e-mail their availability to the Officials Co-ordinator Joel Wald, at

Further enquiries may be directed to
HRA President: David McKenzie, e:, m: 0407 405 109
HRA Vice President: Joel Wald, e:, m: 0412 352 252

Winners of the 2013 Victoria Cross Rally, Neil Schey and James ElliottBanner image:

Winners of the Victoria Cross in 2013, Neil Schey and James Elliott.  This was the last time the Victoria Cross Rally was held. Pic by John Doutch.

Classic rally cars hit the road to revive a rally 40 years on

Winners of the 2013 Victoria Cross Rally, Neil Schey and James Elliott

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The evening of 13th April will see the next running of the Victoria Cross Rally by the Historic Rally Association. A Special Stage Rally to be conducted over public and private roads within Mount Disappointment, the traditional home of the Victoria Cross Rally. Continue reading Classic rally cars hit the road to revive a rally 40 years on

Rally Retro Day

Rally style action to celebrate important rally cars from the 1960s onwards.  Incredible photo opportunities. See and hear the cars that defined rallying in Australia.


Rally Retro Day vehicle participation

Rally Retro Day 2019 is a “by invitation” event, however as we may have missed a significant potential display vehicle we are publishing the Supplementary Regulations and Invitation letter to the HRA Website.

If you feel you have a vehicle that fits in to the description in the Supp Regs please feel free to contact me on 0414 560 688 or email to


Rally Retro Day website

For the latest info about RRD, including programmes and display lists when they’re available, see the website at

Event Schedule

7.00 am  Venue gates open for Competitor’s Display and On-track vehicles.

8.00 am  Scrutiny commences for On-track vehicles.

9.30 am  Scrutiny concludes.

10.00 am  Public access to the venue.

10.30 am  Drivers Briefing for On-track participants at the Scrutiny Bay.

11.00 am  Familiarisation lap and display laps – first run.

12.45 pm  Group photo of both Display and On-track Vehicles.

2.15 pm  Presentation of Awards.

2.30 pm  Display laps – second track run commences.

4.00 pm Rally Retro Day concludes.

More info:
Call for old banners…
Announcing Rally Retro Day…

Victoria Cross – call for officials…


The evening of Saturday 13th April will see the second running of the Victoria Cross Rally by the Historic Rally Association.

The event will be located within Mt Disappointment less than 90 minutes from Melbourne.  Stage Commanders, Control Officials and Road Closure Officials are needed. Continue reading Victoria Cross – call for officials…

Rich River Revival 2019

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the 2019 Rich River Revival.

The 2019 Rich River Revival is set to run again and builds on the success of last year. Based on the feedback and the experiences of last year, we have made some changes to improve the quality of the event with a view to increase the participation. This event is a multi-club event being a round of the HRA Rally Championship and the Standard Car Challenge. It will also be a round of the North Eastern Car Club Rally Championship.

Whilst the area is the same, the limitations and need to make it a unique event have resulted in a route that is challenging and not what it seems at first glance. For those that have competed in this area before, you have been warned. And for those that haven’t, you have also been warned.

The event will retain the same format with a navigational section and then after a break, some competitive stages through the Koondrook Forest. What has changed though will be the timing of the sections. The touring section will now run in the daylight hours on the Saturday afternoon. Crews will then re-group before heading off on the competitive night stages in the forest.

The touring section has been completely redesigned to present a greater navigational challenge but very achievable for those competitors still developing their navigational skills. The navigational section is a bit longer than last year at 176 km. After the success of last year’s event, we have been offered some roads that as far as I am aware have not been used before. The HRA Mailbox will again return.

The competitive night section will use the same Koondrook Forest area but with a variety of different roads. With a competitive distance of just over 100 competitive kilometres for this section. Again building off the success of last year, we have been offered a greater area of the forest in which to compete.

The event is centred around the township of Cohuna, at the Cohuna Memorial Hall. This will be the location of Start/Finish and Rally HQ. This is very conveniently located in the centre of Cohuna and a short 10 minute walk to the Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park. Besides this, there is also a wealth of other local accommodation available either in Cohuna or just down the road in Echuca, Barham or Kerang. The goal is to have all competitors finished by between approximately 9 to 9:30 pm on Saturday night.

There will be facilities for spectators and an opportunity to see the cars twice, all a short drive from Cohuna.

There is a central Service Location that is located approximately 500 metres down the road from Rally HQ. Please note that there is fuel available but they close at 7pm so refuelling will be from own supplies after this time. There is a Shell service station on the road coming to Cohuna (from Echuca, South from Rally HQ), a Caltex on the road leaving Cohuna (towards Koonbrook, North of Rally HQ) and a Liberty in the actual township (heading out of Cohuna towards Koondrook, north of Rally HQ). The service area will not have a designated Refuel area.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this event and I look forward to seeing you out there.

If there are any questions regards the event, please call Mike Foreshew on 0438 588 152 or email at

Mike Foreshew
Clerk of Course
2019 Rich River Revival

The pics were taken on the route check in February:

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Page banner: John Rawson and Ashley McBain,  equal 1st OR in the 2018 Rich River Revival. By the grin, John was having a good time! Pic by John Doutch, b team rally media.