Social Night Friday 13 March… Barefoot Bowling!

It’s a bit more genteel than driving the Rally Retro Festival Demo track but nevertheless requires skill…

The HRA has a Social Night on Friday 13th of March. We are going Barefoot Bowling at the Highett Bowls Club.

6/8 Highett Grove,
Highett VIC 3190

Starting at 7pm
$20 per Bowler

HRA supplying Pizza for the After Party. The Club is Licenced.

Come along and try something different.

Lawn Bowls is not as easy as it looks..!

I have started a list…please let me know (0414 560 688) if you can join us.

Rob Cranston, Teri Brugman, Kate Officer, Tom Latta, Carol Latta

Rob C.
0414 560 688