HRA News – Winter 2017


Gun Navigator
Jenny Cole updates us on her exploits.

Officers on Parade
What David and Kate did on the weekend ion Mitta Mitta.

Precious Metal
Are classic cars a valid Superannuation investment?

There’s no place like Gnome
What have they been up to?

HRA News – Winter 2017

HRA News – Autumn 2017


Queens Birthday Honours
Recognition for two of our favourites

Gurgle Gurgle
Down the Drains event report

The Otago Caper
What happens on tour stays on tour

Unfinished Business
Rally Otago 2027 – moving on.

A new “Gelignite Jack” book by his son, Phil.

HRA News – Autumn 2017 (Vol 24, No 3)

HRA News – Summer 2017


Idle Time
A requiem in the key of Group B.

Tom and James most excellent adventure. Story by Tom Kaitler and James Riddell.

Scaled down perfection

Southern Cross History
Drivers/navigators too easy – pick the year

HRA News – Summer 2017 (Vol 24, No 2)