HRA News – Spring 2015


President’s, Membership and Competition Reports

Dunkerton for December Meeting

2015 Alpine Rally Spectator Guide and Start Order

HRA News – Spring 2015 (Vol 23 No 5)

HRA News – Winter 2015


Five Minutes with… Mike Ward

Built to a Standard
Geoff Ninnes story on preparing his car for the Standard Car Series

Mexicans raid Coachroaches Stronghold
Steuart Snooks reports on the Barry Ferguson Classic

The Long and the Short of it
Jeff Cameron and Geoff Floyd report on the Shortest Day.

Tall Tales, but True..
Oart 1 of Stuart Lister’s report on the Repco Reliability Trial rerun.

HRA News – Winter 2015 (Vol 23 No 4)

HRA News – Autumn 2015


Supermirafiori Torta
Jeff Cameron reports on Alex Kovacevic’s amazing Fiat 131.

Classic Outback Service
Service Crews – last to leave and firt to arrive. Story by Alan Baker

Rallycross – at the cross roads

HRA News – Autumn 2015 (Vol 23 No 2)

HRA News – Summer 2015


Bonhomme on Renault
Roger Bonhomme reports on tthe Renault team’s 71 championship year.

Renault Again
Alan Baker reports on Mal McPherson and Peter Hass VRC campaign in 1971.

BP Rally controls are unique
Story by Geoff Schmidt

HRA News – Summer 2015 (Vol 23 No 1)