The Event will be conducted at the Bendigo Car Club property at Bagshot (Bendigo Motorsport Complex and the property known as ‘Kings’), about 35 km North East of Bendigo (Vicroads Map 44 J3, Melways Map 609 F1) on Saturday 2nd November.

Our plan is to give Competitors 6 runs of the 5km circuit, which includes roads in the Bagshot Complex and also the property next door. There will be 3 timed runs run Anticlockwise and 3 timed runs Clockwise, with the best 2 times in each direction will count for your score. You will get a recce run in each direction.

A CAMS L2S licence is all that is required, Roll Cages are not required (but recommended), so it is an ideal event for Standard Car Challenge competitors.

As an HRA event, the event eligibility will be based on 2wd non turbo vehicles.

There will only be 40 entries accepted, plus 5 reserves, so don’t leave your entry until late, if you break your toy between entering and the event, you will get your entry fee back.

If you are unable to enter, you are welcome to come up and give us a hand to run the event, we will need some officials to stand on corners and other jobs.

Please send your entry to the Event Secretary.

Looking forward to your entry
Graham Wallis, Andrew Paice, Liz Partington and the rest of the Bagshot Team.

Banner pic by John Doutch, B Team Rally Media