1968 BP Rally
1968 BP Rally

A major club achievement has been the revival of two of Australia’s most famous Classic Rallies; the Alpine Rally and the BP Rally with each one being run every second year.

The last BP Rally was held in 2010 the HRA in early May. The event was once again directed by Ross Runnalls and his able team of helpers. BP Rallies are getting harder to organise with the changes to regulations. Hopefully we’ll see another one soon.

In 2019 we will again be running the Alpine Rally, Australia’s oldest car rally – first run in 1921. More details can be found at the Alpine Rally Website.

These two Classic Rallies, historically brought out the best skills of all crew members. The Alpine was, and still is, regarded as a test of driver skill, reliability and endurance, whilst the BP Rally put more pressure on the navigator as well reliability and endurance. There was a single secret to success in both: teamwork – which is still a key to success in all HRA events today.

HRA events today are enjoyed by crews who relish reliving this golden era of Australian motorsport, as well as a great spirit of competition, with a strong emphasis in having fun!

Geoff Portman and Ross Runnalls in an early 80s Alpine

Page banner from RallySport Magazine. Geoff Portman and Ross Runnalls in an early 80s Alpine, on the Bright Speedway. See Rally Sport Magazine’s story A Datsun 1600 called “Son of Grunter”.