Bagshot Rallysprint Saturday December 5

At last a chance to get some competition in the dirt in 2020, the popular HRA Bagshot Rallysprint has come out to play, exclusive to HRA members. It will be part of this year’s recently announced “Crap Year Challenge” We have received the approved Supplementary Regulations from Motorsport Australia. These are are available below.

Similar format to previous years, the course will be 5 km long and we expect to have 3 runs in each direction, finishing before 1700 hours.

  • Supp. regs and entry forms are published here (below).
  • You will need to have a level L2S (speed) licence or superior.
  • Entries will close on November 27 and a maximum of 40 entries plus 5 reserves will be accepted.
  • The entry fee is $170.
  • Co-drivers will be required as well as a good brace of officials.

Vehicle Eligibility: As an HRA event, the event eligibility will be based on 2wd non turbo vehicles.

All competing vehicles must be capable of being registered or be eligible for a permit to allow the vehicle to be driven on public roads in the State of Victoria. A Roll cage not mandated but preferred.

Scrutineering will be ‘Self Scrutiny’ with vehicle checks on the day at the venue.

The venue is: Bendigo Car Club property at Bagshot (Bendigo Motorsport Complex and the property known as ‘Kings’), about 35 km North East of Bendigo (Vicroads Map 44 J3, Melways Map 609 F1)


Some officials have pre nominated but we still have more opportunities to assist on the day. These include:

  • a COVID Safety Officer (General Officials License Required),
  • Car herder (to ensure a smooth start line procedure)
  • The much needed radio point officials that have special on course privileges.  Please contact Andrew on 0404 885 725 or send an email to

Catering is available throughout the day through the BCC COVID Canteen.

There is no spectating and facility gates will be closed at 9.00 am sharp.  Our own personal Ring of Steel 😊. Want to see the action? Nominate as an official

Let us have a fantastic COVID free event.

Facemasks will be required unless health regulations change before the event.

The Motorsport AustraliaPermit Number 320/0512/02


Supp regs and entry form for the event are now available:

Image: Stuart Lawless at Bagshot