George Woods Rally 2019

The 2019 George Woods Introductory Rally will be conducted on the afternoon and evening of 23 February 2019.

The event is a Multi-Club Special Stage Introductory Rally. It will incorporate the Rookies Ramble, a shorter, daylight only, event for Novice and Rookie competitors only.

Graded competitors are encouraged to enter the George Woods Introductory Rally with a novice driver or navigator as this is the best way for a new competitor to learn.

A training session for new competitors (and other interested parties) will be held, on Friday 8th February, at CAMS State Meeting Room, 821 Dandenong Road, Malvern East.

For over 30 years the George Woods Introductory Rally has introduced new competitors to the sport of rallying. This is still the primary role of the 2019 event.

However, the 2019 George Woods Rally will also be Round 1 of the Historic Rally Association’s 2019 Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge

The Entry Fee is $230; an Early Bird Discount of $50 applies for complete entries received before the ballot. The Early Bird Discount will be refunded to such entries.

The Event will be run in two divisions.

Division 1 will run in daylight over approximately 45 kilometres competitive and 15 kilometres transport. It will be fully route charted with tulip diagrams.

Division 2 will run after sunset over approximately 55 kilometres competitive and 25 kilometres transport. It will incorporate both route charts and simple map reading stages. The Rookies Ramble will run only over Division 1.

Start, Service and finish will be at Powelltown Recreation Reserve, where food and drinks will be on sale.

Further information contact Glad Fish, Clerk of Course, by email at or phone on 0410 148 058.

Page banner: Keith Cuttle, with first-time navigator Declan Kirkham, in the 2018 George Woods Rally. Pic by John Doutch.  

Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge 2019 calendar is set

RestoCountry Spares - Holden & Ford Rebuild essentials

This is the 6th year of the Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge. Special thanks to Resto Country Spares for their sponsorship and continued support of our Challenge.

We have 7 rallies lined up for this year starting with the George Woods on 23 February. Plus, there are 4 Autocross events scheduled at the ever popular Avalon track. Continue reading Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge 2019 calendar is set

Standard Car Challenge

HRA Standard Car Challenge  
Class A
(before July 1976)
Class B
(July 1976 to July 1988)
Class C
(July 1988 to end 2000)
2017 Rally 1st L. Pelech / J. Sweeney, Mitsubishi Sigma
2nd T. Ahearne / Various, Peugeot 505
1st G. Wallis / Various, Peugeot 205
2nd R. Garrad / M. Garrad, Peugeot 405
2017 Autocross 1st R. Bos, Volvo 240 =1st M. Forbes, Nissan Pulsar
=1st S.Walters, Peugeot 405
2016 Rally  1st  L. Pelech / J.Sweeney, Mitsubishi Sigma
2nd P. Parry / B. Knights, Nissan Skyline R31
1st M. Forbes / N. Rossi, Nissan Pulsar
2nd R. Sanderson / Various, Hyundai Excel
Class B
(pre 1981)
Class C
(pre 1986)
Class D
(pre 1999)
2015 Rally 1st L. Pelech / P. Sweeney, Mitsubishi Sigma
2nd K.Winter / L. Maurer, Volvo 240
1st P. Parry / B. Knights, Nissan Skyline R31
2nd  R. Day / Various, Peugeot 405
2014 Rally 1st  R. Cranston / J. Newsom, Toyota Celica SA63
2nd  L. Pelech / P. Sweeney, Mitsubishi Sigma
1st N.Wright / M. Garrad, Peugeot 505GTI
2nd  P. Parry / B. Knights, Nissan Skyline R31

Standard Car Challenge classes changed in 2016. For 2015 and prior, classes were aligned with HRA competition groups. In 2016 they were aligned with introduction of ADRs.