About the Black Stump Tour…

The Black Stump Tour will be run as a Road Rally (formerly TRE) as defined in the National Rally Code and using the format established at the Black Stump at Taree.

Open to all two wheel drive non aspirated vehicles with preference given to historic vehicles. Roll cages desirable and helmets and wrist to ankle coverage with non-flammable clothing.

A Tour of the Central West of NSW in the Condobolin, Forbes, Trangie and Parkes region on good gravel shire roads.

Road Runner. Introductory level rallying with a three days of ‘closed road tests’ of varying short distances (maximum 5 kms) running against your own vehicle category.

The optional Barry Ferguson Classic navigation sections, in Masters, Apprentice and Elementary category levels of competition conducted daily so that a car can compete in both the BFC and the Road Runner segments.

The Endurance Rally Club of Australia will be joining us for the Black Stump, participating in the Tour and the Road Runner but with a possible number doing the Elementary category of the BFC.

Everything is “OPTIONAL”.

Competitors don’t have to do the navigation tests and they don’t have to do the closed road tests and can just be there for the drive, camaraderie and fun of the Tour.

The initial planning has just commenced and we have found some great forests for Closed Road Tests and a property near Condo for some good khanacross tests. There will be with a start point in the region for the convenience of our friends from Victoria.

We will be adding at least one additional feature for 2019 and that is the return of the Night Owl. This is a very popular event that Arthur Evans originated along the style of events from the 60’s and as Clerk of Course for the Black Stump Tour of the Central West, he will be dedicating a part of this event to the Return of the Night Owl. (Owls come out at night)

The entry cost is the same no matter what options you take up.

The entry fee for the event will be $600 with discounts of $50 to $550 if you are a Historic Rally Club member, if you competed in the Black Stump at Taree or if you register with a $100 deposit before December 3, 2018.

To be eligible for the discount on the grounds of HRC membership or completion in the Black Stump at Taree the entrant needs to pay the deposit and send an email with your name and vehicle identification to the Entry Secretary Ann Mulholland at bushdream@live.com.au

Payments to Historic Rally Club NSW / ACT BSB 032716 Acct 393766

Accommodation is not included but a package will be developed that will be available if taken up by a date to be advised.

Enquiries: Arthur Evans Clerk of Course 0412 734 160

Historic Rally CLub of NSW and ACT