HRA Gnome #100 – last of the line, but first in the census

HRA Gnome census, February 2020

The HRA has given away a full size painted concrete HRA Gnome for 100 club meetings in a row; 6 per year.

HRA Gnome #100 was given away at the February 2020 Annual General Meeting, fittingly won by the retiring HRA President David McKenzie.

Turns out David already had 2 (#66 and #77) so he kindly offered #77 for auction, with proceeds going to our meeting charity partner. It was knocked down for $220.

On the occasion of the 100th HRA Gnome being won, a census was conducted.

Past winners were asked to bring in their Gnomes to record ownership details, usual location and general condition.

Nearly 50 Gnomes made the trip, plus other special event HRA Gnomes and 20 or so HRA mini pocket/purse Gnomes. A number of apologies were also received.

Those who forgot their HRA Gnome or had never won a HRA Gnome were asked to wear the special badges made for the occasion.

Each HRA Gnome owner was presented with an Owners Manual and Maintenance Record Book. If you missed out, you can download your copy.

While similar Gnomes have been given away at special events like our HRA Christmas meeting (the HRA Christmas Gnome), Alpine Rallies (the HRA Alpine Gnome), HRA Trivia Nights (the HRA Trivia Gnome) and still others have been given to guest speakers or privately commissioned as a gift or team mascot, nothing can compare to the factory-prepared-won-in-a-raffle HRA meeting Gnome for originality, provenance and sheer good looks.

To all 100 HRA Gnomes wherever you are, as Leonard Nimoy would have said: live long and prosper.

With the right care and attention as outlined in the Owners Manual, that ought to be possible. Except for the one that Bob Watson had.

HRA Gnome census, February 2020

banner: HRA Gnome census, February 2020