The HRA runs a wide array of motorsport activities primarily for cars from the 60’s and 70’s including Forest Rallies, “Classic” Rallies, Historic Navigational Trials, Touring Road Events, Touring Assemblies and Social Drives. These events are run on both gravel and bitumen roads and they vary from a single afternoon or evening to multi day formats.

Many competitors have built replica cars in the livery of those that featured in the 60’s and 70’s such as, Ford Escort, Mini Cooper S, Peugeot, Volvo, Datsun and Holden Monaro. Although some of these cars are more than 40 years old, they are fun, often quite fast and most importantly, cheap to run. There are classes for modified cars as well as near standard cars.

In our “Rally Championship” events Historic Rally Cars are encouraged although we have classes for normal rally cars up until 1985, with classes for Novices and Experienced Crews. We run a range of events for all tastes, some with straight forward map navigation, with others tending more too navigational skills.

All our events require teamwork between the Driver and the Navigator!

The “Touring Championship” events are designed for near standard road cars as well as the Historic Rally Cars and once again there are classes for Novices and Experts. These Touring Assemblies are cheap to run in and are usually conducted within a few hours of Melbourne. Many areas used in the Rallies of the 50’s and 60’s are revisited in these Tours.

A third level of event the HRA run are the non-competitive “Social Drives”, a short straightforward drive over interesting roads generally though the closer regions of Melbourne designed to allow plenty of time for a social get together as well.