Rally style action to celebrate important rally cars from the 1960s onwards.  Incredible photo opportunities. See and hear the cars that defined rallying in Australia.


Rally Retro Day vehicle participation

Rally Retro Day 2019 is a “by invitation” event, however as we may have missed a significant potential display vehicle we are publishing the Supplementary Regulations and Invitation letter to the HRA Website.

If you feel you have a vehicle that fits in to the description in the Supp Regs please feel free to contact me on 0414 560 688 or email to classicstatue@bigpond.com.au


Rally Retro Day website

For the latest info about RRD, including programmes and display lists when they’re available, see the website at


Event Schedule

7.00 am  Venue gates open for Competitor’s Display and On-track vehicles.

8.00 am  Scrutiny commences for On-track vehicles.

9.30 am  Scrutiny concludes.

10.00 am  Public access to the venue.

10.30 am  Drivers Briefing for On-track participants at the Scrutiny Bay.

11.00 am  Familiarisation lap and display laps – first run.

12.45 pm  Group photo of both Display and On-track Vehicles.

2.15 pm  Presentation of Awards.

2.30 pm  Display laps – second track run commences.

4.00 pm Rally Retro Day concludes.

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