HRA News – Spring 2016


Tall Tayell’s from the Outback
Mike Ward revels in the luxury of a top line service crew.

Second in a Sigma
An Amphitheatre proves to be the ideal setting. Report by Laurie Pelech.

Resto Country Autocross
13 at Avalon IS a lucky number. Report by Richard Bos

The Calder Conundrum
Top crews win even when there is no winner. Report by Bob Watson.

How I went rallying
and didn’t break the bank, writes Owen Polanski

Barry Ferguson Classic
The ability to time travel might have helped. Report by Graham Thompson

Magical Ironbark
why THIS style of event has a place. Report by Steuart Snooks

If I were a betting man
Peter Riseborough knows how to get a party started

Goddess of History
Clio makes her debut and takes a history lesson. Story by Graham Thompson.

Vale Ashton, Bainbridge, Quayle
Our inadequate tribute to incredible people we’ve known

HRA News – Spring 2016 (Vol 24 No 2)

HRA News – Summer 2016


5 Minutes… with Steuart Snooks

Fro Back
From Horobin came back to the Alpine with a point to prove.

Thank You
Jodi Mann lets us in on the officials co-ordinator story

That’s One Done
Owen Polanski’s reflects on the 2015 Alpine

Full House
Monkhouse wins and so do we. Alpine report by Alan Baker.

Le Jog
The UK’s toughest and longest trial. Report by Kev Haworth

Snow Wonder
How far can HRA Membership take you? Story by Tracey Dewhurst

HRA News – Summer 2016 (Vol 24 No 1)