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Global Spotlight – with Uncle Oscar

Links to news and happenings from the wider world of historic rallying.

“There’s so much going on out there in the world of historic rallying and with these modern mouse clicky things it’s so easy to get amongst it. Here are your Uncle’s favourite world wide webbing sites that show how others in far flung corners of the globe are going about their historic rallying.” Uncle Oscar

OK all you fans of early Japanese cars. Looking for something for the BP rally perhaps? Check out this fabulous website run by a couple in Brisbane who themselves own a veritable fleet of early and collectable Datsun’s. It’s the most complete early Datsun website we’ve seen. Enjoy.

BP Rally 1965 See some genuine newsreel footage from the 1965 BP rally. (compare the scenes at the start to to the cover of HRA news May 2010.) See Bob Watson in his HD Holden, Pat Moss and Eric Carlsson and the Winners, Reg Lunn and the late Geoff Thomas (a 3 time winner of the BP Rally).

BP Rally 1966 A real wet one – see the cars make their way through rain and snow – just 1 minute 50 but fabulous memories.

BP Rally 1967 Some great action in Fastback VW’s, HR Holden’s and Bruce Wilkinson in a Datsun 1000. A demonstration of Gate technique. See the R8 Gordini in the motorkhana at Chadstone shopping centre at the end.

Perhaps some of the entrants were thinking the Safari was a charity “BASH” event; watch an EH Holden climb an impossible rocky hill. The team in a late model Citroen come across a very unusual problem indeed.

Rally Models – While we all wait for the season to kick-off here’s some rallying collectibles to keep you occupied when you’re not in the garage tinkering. First up is this UK site that specialises in rally models; how much better can it get?

Grand Prix Models
 – One of the world’s best model sites, if you’re into 2 wheels or 4 you’re bound to find it. Search through rally, race, classic and new, it’s all here.

Car Model Old & New – Perhaps the Italians looked at Grand Prix Models and thought, we can do that. And they have! Trawl through lists as long as your arm from featuring cars, trucks, bikes, caravans even taxis. Bellissimo!

Ford Motorsport Models
 – So you’re into Fords and you reckon you’ve got a handsome collection of 1/43 scale models in your display cabinet? Fancy a little model envy? This chap has more than everyone else combined. Does your collection have a Waldegard 1980 Southern Cross Escort in it? His IS bigger than yours!

Full Throttle Motoring DVD – In case you prefer your off-season rallying to include more sights and sounds than you can get at 1/43 scale, try browsing the range available from Full Throttle. This supplier stocks some titles you wont find through Duke or other big-name outlets. Your uncle is a many-time happy customer.

Bring a Trailer – Unless you’re about to freight a car across the Pacific, this site is just for browsing to see what’s on offer if you were in the US. Not your usual “” style listing, this is full of cars you would want to own.

Juha Kankkunen Collection – Juha doesn’t just collect rally cars in 1/43 scale, he collects them at 1:1 scale as well. Celica Twin-Cam Turbo, Lancia Delta, Peugeot 205T16, many driven by him to success in the WRC. This is a private collection never before seen, so please close the door behind you…

Russell Brookes – Here’s a quick question for you; name the driver most synonymous with Andrews Heat for Hire? Of course, it’s Russell Brookes who formed one of the most memorable motorsport partnerships of the 70s and 80s with a most unlikely supplier. Many of the Brookes cars have now been restored and can be seen at special events around the UK, there’s a even a DVD.

Mitsubishi Colt – While Global Spotlight has a mainly international focus, this local site caught your Uncle’s eye recently. The humble Mitsubishi Colt had a good deal of rally success in Australia and paved the way for the Galant and Lancer that followed.

London-Sydney Marathon
 – The Big One! Scheduled for 2014 but with expressions of interest open now, this is a chance to re-live the 1968 original, albeit with some geographically and politically sensitive route modifications. Rallies don’t get much bigger than this.

Opel Kadett – The Opel Kadett was the basis for the Holden / Isuzu Gemini that arrived in Australia in the mid-70s. Perhaps unknown to some readers is the car has a strong competition pedigree in Europe and this enthusiast site from France contains loads of useful information. The English translation can be rather awkward but with persistance the message will get through.

Toyota Corolla TE72 – This little Corolla caught my eye mainly for the rare-as-hen’s-teeth engine. The 152E powered many of the works Celicas during the 70s and somehow one has found its way to Canada.

2012 Monte Carlo Historic Rally – Oldest rally in the world and still going strong. In late January the historic Monte Carlo will see more than 100 of the world’s most beautiful historic cars tackle regularities through the spectacular Alpine roads of Europe.