Bagshot Rallysprint Saturday October 1

Run by the HRA and places are limited, but the fun isn't! (limited that is) Looking for a short circuit to enable testing prior to the Alpine or just a fun day at the Bendigo Car Club Motorsport Complex? Then the HRA Bagshot Rallysprint could just be the event for you on October 1, 2022. … Continue reading Bagshot Rallysprint Saturday October 1

Stick Map Definitions

The grapevine suggests that the Organisers of the Experts Trial Re-Visited may be presenting navigators with Strip Charts or Stick Maps to define the route. Stick charts are interesting navigational tests and a nice diversion from plotting and scaling. And, they're straightforward - once you understand the rules. This document will help: Strip Chart & … Continue reading Stick Map Definitions

Rally Navigation 101…

...from the 1970s - but still relevant! We recently tripped over these lecture notes from Roger Bonhomme's Rally Navigation School thanks to a donation to the HRA Archive by Ron Gottschalk. Roger's Rally Navigation School was held over three February evenings in 1972 at Monash Uni's Alexander Theatre - to an audience of hundreds. At … Continue reading Rally Navigation 101…

The Experts Trial – Tough in the Old Days

Originally published with the Supp Regs for the 2022 Experts Trial Re-Visited Navigational Tour The first Experts Trial was run in July 1947. It was the brainchild of Alan Watkin, an experienced trials competitor who suggested to anyone who was interested “that a really hard trial should be staged”. He was as good as his … Continue reading The Experts Trial – Tough in the Old Days