How do I change an engine number?

  1. Contact one of the HRA inspector/signatories to arrange an inspection of your new engine number so that our records can be updated.
  2. Advise Vicroads of the change of engine.

What is the process for country based members?

The process is the same as for city residents. You must either obtain a RWC from a local Licenced Vehicle Tester or arrange with one of the HRA inspector/signatories to inspect your vehicle either by bringing it to Melbourne or arranging for the inspector to visit you.

How do I renew a laid-up vehicle?

  1. If the vehicle cannot be presented for an inspection because it is laid-up or under repair, you must supply a letter, along with the renewal form, to a HRA inspector/signatories stating that the vehicle is currently unable to be driven, the reason why, and an indication of when it will be driven again.
  2. After payment at Vicroads, the complete renewal form with stickers still attached, is to be returned to the HRA inspector/signatory who signed it. The form will be held by the HRA inspector/signatory until such time as the vehicle is ready to be returned to the road.

How do I bring a CPS vehicle from another club?

If your vehicle is on the Club Permit Scheme with another club and you wish to bring it to the HRA:

  • If the change is to happen at your permits normal renewal time, follow the “Renewal” process. The HRA inspector/signatory will cross out the old club and insert Historic Rally Association.
  • If the change is to happen other than at your permits normal renewal time, follow the “New Application” process.

In either case, a HRA inspector/signatory will need to inspect the vehicle.

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