About the Club Permit Scheme

Financial members of the HRA are eligible to apply to drive their Historic vehicles under the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme.

VicRoads is responsible for running this scheme in conjunction with The AOMC (Association of Motoring Clubs). The HRA is a member of the AOMC.

This is important: the Club Permit Scheme is not vehicle registration – it is a special type of “permit to drive” an unregistered vehicle, under restricted use provisions. A reduced third-party insurance premium is payable, based on the fact that the vehicle is not in regular use.

This is also important: you must be a current financial member of the HRA for your HRA-administered Club Permit to be valid. If your membership lapses so does the permit.  You will then be driving an unregistered vehicle and open to penalties for doing so.

Vicroads is currently reviewing the Club Permit Scheme (CPS). This has come about as a result of numerous complaints received by Victoria Police and other authorities in relation to CPS vehicles intercepted or reported. For example, many being used as daily drivers, highly modified CPS vehicles appearing on some TV shows and injuries or fatalities involving highly modified vehicles wearing CPS plates.

In expectation of this review the HRA Committee has decided to be proactive and instigate more thorough inspection criteria and an improved record keeping system. The HRA has more than 250 vehicles on the Club Permit Scheme. The majority of these are not competition vehicles.

In February 2010, the HRA signed an agreement with Vicroads which, among other things, requires that the HRA warrants that the vehicle is safe for use on a highway.

To help us in the administration and conformity of the HRA’s agreement with VicRoads, HRA’s inspection regime is described in the following pages.

New CPS applications

CPS renewals

HRA CPS inspectors and fees

Frequently asked questions

Modified Vehicles (other than competition vehicles, ie those with Roll over Protection Structures (ROPS)), will be subject to Vehicle Standards Information Bulletin 8 (VSI 8 = Vic State) and Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 (VSB14 = Federal).

***Seek advice before modifying your vehicle***

Rally Vehicles post 1/1/86 WILL NOT be admitted to the CPS under the HRA. If your post 1/1/86 vehicle is modified (eg ROPS) it will need to go onto the RP Plate scheme.